Welcome to my blog

Hi, I’m Ben. I’m a Computer Science student at the University of Southampton and this is my blog. This is just a short post to kick things off.

What to expect

I’m not entirely sure how this will shape up but I wanted a place to write and share my thoughts. I’m not going to bombard you with adverts, I’m not going to ask to send notifications and I’m not going to add annoying pop ups. The focus here is the content. As I learn new concepts or techniques, discover new tools or learn new skills, I’ll post about them here.

My journey

Having started making simple webpages in Dreamweaver with tables, my curiosity soon lead me to learning front end and a little after, back end web development. I used websites like Codecademy and Treehouse to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript, before moving onto topics such as Rails, Sass and SQL. I messed around with things like C and Python a little bit but never took them that far.

After I got comfortable with Rails, I built Revisionhub to track my studying. I’ve still got a lot of ideas for it but it’s coming along and helped me a lot when I was taking my A-levels. Ultimately, I want it to bring everything together with your notes, grades, resources and study logs all in one place.

Last year I started university and was introduced to Java and developing for desktop. I hadn’t done much outside of websites before and I really enjoyed it. Going forward, I’m excited to learn more about this and maybe have a look at Android development.

About the site

This site is made with Jekyll, a static site generator that’s blog aware. I’ve used the Kasper theme with some modifications and set it up to be hosted on Netlify with automatic deploys from Github.

Side note, I was impressed how well Netlify works and how much control it gives you to revert, preview or roll back to different builds. I watched some videos from Chris Coyier and I couldn’t believe how powerful it is. I would definitely recommend it.

Where can you find me?

You can find my projects on Github (although not much is public right now) and you can send me an email at contact@benwtks.com. Please feel free to share this post and send me your comments or questions on Twitter.

Ben Watkins

I'm a second year Computer Science student at the University of Southampton. You can find me on Twitter and Github. You can reach me at contact@benwtks.com